Friday, November 16, 2007

Josh Wink's Acid Classics

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Josh Wink's Acid Classics (YSI link)

I warned you, I hope that you have proper protective gear as we are gonna be dealing with lots of acid today. I can't think of a better way to start this off than with this recent mix Josh Wink did for Mixmag. Josh Wink's Acid Classics is the perfect intro for anyone not familiar or looking to get more familiar with this music that began in Chicago in the mid 80s. While long-time fans will have heard all of these songs, it's still well-worth the download as it's an impeccable mix, filled with classics for one 70 minute journey into the Roland 303. Mixmag chose the right guy for this job, as not only was Wink a huge part of the original acid scene ("Don't Laugh"), but he has been involved in the resurgence of that sound in the past few years.

I want everyone to listen to this one until the end of the day, as I know no one is doing work on Friday afternoon. We're gonna start with opening track from this mix first, I have chills I'm so excited.

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