Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sexual Harassment - I Need A Freak

This is sexual harassment, dickhead.

Sexual Harrassment, "I Need A Freak" (YSI link) 320

Sexual Harrassment, "If I Gave You A Party" (YSI link) 320

Sexual Harrassment, "You Are My Sexual Connection" (YSI link) 320

This one seems like a fitting day-after Halloween post, a night where everyone seems to be competing for freakiest. Actually, having seen the level of ogling and catcalls last night, I'd even say the band name works perfectly too. Good stuff!

Sexual Harrassment are one of those names that make music so fun, a almost literal one-hit wonder, SH is actually a one-man enterprise, written and performed by Lynn Toliver, a.k.a. David Payton, and this is the only piece of vinyl ever officially put out under this name. [There are two other listings at Discogs, but they don't appear to have been released on any label] Why didn't he release anything else under this moniker? I have no idea, to be honest, but I like to think that he realized that "I Need A Freak" was unfuckwithable and he retired on top, like Sandy Koufax and Jim Brown. One listen should confirm this fact for you, it's all about those little bass bumps for me. Okay, it's actually all about the lyrics delivered in a great dirty talk voice, let's be honest. "I need a freak to treat me right, I need a freak every day and night." I'm not gonna drone on and on with this one, just download, listen, repeat, go to bed, wake up, listen, repeat. I believe that's called the circle of life, but not 100% on that.

I've also thrown up the other two songs on the A side of the self-titled LP from Heat. They are both essential tracks for those who love "I Need A Freak," electro-funk classics that haven't gotten much attention. "If I Gave You A Party" is the main draw, featured on the classic Anti NY album, it's a pure party track. Huge bass, super synths, a great rap, the last two minutes or so are amazing, with the various people just talking and yelling and having fun over the music. If this doesn't make you wanna dance and throw a party right this second, I feel bad. "You Are My Sexual Connection" isn't on the level of the previous two, but it's still good, more of a rock beat, amazingly the lyrics are more sexually explicit than the first two. There's an odd guitar solo towards the end of the song, might be the only misstep on the whole side. This is really essential stuff, the


drbopperthp said...

Am I mistaken in my reading of your post, or is it a fact that you believe that this artist is responsible for the tune "I Need A Freak"??? I do believe that Too Short, the O.G. rap dog is the author of this tune. Is this what they mean when they say - "You don't know Jack"???

Anonymous said...

Too Short did a remix of 'i need a freak'. The original is by sexual harrassment.

Anonymous said...

I need a freak was done by egyptian lover. he just did not use his normal moniker at that time because of contractual issues.

Anonymous said...

Love how drbopper says you don't know jack but thinks he knows who originally made this song. too funny.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, too short did a remake of it for that compilation of new artists redoing old tracks. i need a freak was done by sexual harassment, some group from ohio i believe that egyptian lover later did a cover and blew it up...but sexual harassment did the original track and you can search it up and see it was out way before egyptian lover did his version.