Monday, November 19, 2007

Plastikman - Krakpot

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Plastikman, "Krakpot" (YSI link) 256

Plastikman, "Elektrostatik" (YSI link) 256

Okay, I know you are thinking, "Didn't you say you were going to melt your face off with acid Friday?" One may think that I didn't achieve this because I was taking advantage of the weekend and livin' it up, but oh no, au contraire. Honestly, I was looking out for you, my dear reader, as I wanted you to be able to have a great, productive, fun weekend, the calm before the holiday storm in a sense. One listen to Plastikman's "Krakpot" and "Electrostatik" will melt your face and mind, leaving you incapable of traveling home for Thanksgiving, talking to relatives, going out on the big Wednesday night party scene, just generally trying to live your life day to day. The creeping, haunting acid line will burrow deep in your brain stem, it is not for the faint of heart.

Plastikman is better know to us as Richie Hawtin, the legendary Canadian producer who has made classic electronic music for the better part of two decades. We're going to say more about him in the coming weeks, from his own releases to stuff on the labels he founded Plus 8 and M_Nus, but for this blog, there's no better place to start than the music he put out under the Plastikman alias, especially as we take a look at acid house.

Above is his first release under that moniker, the Krakpot 12". Originally released in 1993 on the Nova Mute label, it's some of the best, most frightening music I've ever heard. The 11+ minute "Krakpot" returns acid to its minimal roots, featuring an acid-y bassline that snakes its way around your body in a slow, methodical way, combined with an insistent, heavy kick drum and some effects (blowing wind?). It's hard to believe that Hawtin could hold one's attention for so long with so little, but that's the magic of acid I guess (or more likely the amazing talents of Hawtin). While "Krakpot" may be better known, "Elektrostatik" is every bit as good and nasty. It all seems a little more frenetic, from the drums to the bass. You need to listen to these two on headphones, I seriously just want to freak out right now like a crazy person. You absolutely need this in your life, end of story.

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