Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Teenage Bad Girl - Coquette

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Teenage Bad Girl, "Break Out The Wheel" (YSI link)

Teenage Bad Girl, "Ghost House" (YSI link)

In one of the least surprising developments ever, Pound for Pound is going to focus on Paris for a day. Let's start off with the young duo of Guillaume Manbell and Greg Kazubski, i.e.called Teenage Bad Girl, who have already been well-covered in the blogosphere. Who gives a shit? This stuff is just massive, on repeat for like a week. How good is it? It cured my panic attacks that have been occuring for the past few weeks! This is better than Klonopin!

Their debut CD, Cocotte, is shockingly good from start to finish, another amazing entry in this year of electrorockindiedance (Justice, Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, etc.) This one blends that crunchy, computer-bit electrohouse sound that Justice perfected with a heavier, rock beat for something delicious. It's definitely hard not to notice the influence of Justice and Ed Banger crew, but it doesn't sound derivative to my ears. These guys don't have the same love or ability to write unforgettable melodic moments like Justice, but I don't really feel like that's what they are trying for. To me, it has a much more subdued feel, less for peak-time music, more for the come-down. Better yet, tracks like "Break Out The Wheel" shift during the 6+ minutes, a nice departure from the repetition of dance music. The album tracks alternate between longer, more varied tracks and shorter, more focused electro numbers, giving it a nice variety. Even better, check the gorgeous, Italo-discoish "Ghost House," which will hopefully get single status and some remixes.

Sadly, this one is pretty much import-only for people in the US. I'd recommend waiting this one out and pre-ordering the new version, Cocotte 2.0, that's about to drop abroad which features 2 discs and 8 remixes. If you can't wait or luckily live outside of this country, grab a copy at BoomKat as it's highly recommended. Check out their myspace page for tour dates and additional music and this nice interview for more background. Would someone in Paris please get me a job and apartment and let me live there already? Enough is enough.

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