Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Go! Team - Proof Of Youth

The Go! Team, "Fake ID"
(YSI link)

The Go! Team feat. Chuck D, "Flashlight Fight" (YSI link)

Okay, some bad news - my computer is back in the shop again with a faulty adaptor port and battery. I have a replacement for the week, but it means that a lot of my music is unavailable. I'm not gonna let my melancholy effect me or you dear reader! Your bol is a whole different man now, for really real. We've got a few projects in the works, the GREs, becoming fashionable, meditation, learning Hebrew, Paris, i.e. the next level. No computer, no sweat, yamean? Although, if anyone from Apple reads this, I'd gladly accept an iPhone or a upgraded laptop as an apology to me and my dear readers. Holler at me at the email to the right, we can work something out, I'm sure.

I was gonna rock some sad music, but that would be so 2006 of me. Instead, let's play the most opposite shit to the sad stuff we love. The Go! Team fit that description. They're a little like Red Bull - hyper, get you wound up and feeling good, one is good, anymore and you may become nauseous or experience tremors. The band seems to know this, as this is the second album that they keep on the shorter side (only two songs last longer than 4 minutes and those just barely, 11 tracks total).

To be honest, I'd be hard pressed to say how the new album, Proof Of Youth, differs from their debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike. Which is odd, consider the original was much more a studio creation, whereas this one features a touring band coming into the studio. It's that exact same mix of horns, cheerleaderesque chants, lo-fi, distorted sound, occasional raps, unrelenting upbeat mood, a few instrumentals, etc. Check out "Fake ID" for a textbook example of their sound. It's such a unique and rare sound that it still works, but I was left with a less-than-satisfied feeling this time. It works for me as an occasional listen and no more. I like the fact that they're so exuberant, but I guess I really am as dark and dead as I fear, as it's just not enough. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the times, but I just don't connect to an entire album of happy, hyper shit. One of my favorite songs on the album is "My World," a quiet instrumental track that features guitar strumming, shakers and synth, a wonderful interlude. Or how about "Flashlight Fight," which features Chuck D and sirens and a pop noise sound that is as dark as the band has ever sounded? There's not even variety or doubt or edge to the music to keep me coming back.

I'd recommend this album for fans, as they're clearly into The Go! Team sound. For beginners, I'd recommend buying their first album, which is much more fun and chaotic than the new one. I guess it's back to my Smiths albums today...

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Run Up The Score! said...

Great site -- I'm a huge (HUGE) "Thunder, Lightning, Strike!" fan because it hit the perfect balance of the instruments, random cheering, and other assorted noises. Everything I've heard from this new album just sucks, and it stems from the problem with their live sound -- the less Ninja, the better. I admire the energy, but she's a drag on what makes the group special and different.