Friday, September 07, 2007

Graeme Park - Essential Mix 12.08.96

Graeme Park, BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix December 8, 1996 (YSI link)

We're a little late on the Essential Mix this week; the holiday threw me off. I was gonna skip it this week, but it seems like this is the perfect time to drop the second Essential Mix that Graeme Park did for the BBC Radio One program. I hope that we all remember Park, one of the DJs who made the Hacienda legendary, one of the residents at the Nude party with Mike Pickering, one of the men who brought house music to the UK, etc.

This Essential Mix started off slow for me, to be honest. I was working on something, trying to make plans to go out and the mix let me do all of those things, stayed in the background. Not a good sign. Then, about 15 or 2o minutes in, the bug hit me. For me, that means the head nod, the infamous white man response to musical stimuli, a little overbite too. Suddenly, a gorgeous, perfect house music set started to unfold and I found myself unable to get done what I had been doing. That's a good mix. I don't know if people are feeling this stuff or what, but I do hope that you've given these old Hacienda mixes a listen. I know classic house music isn't for everyone, but damn this is such happy, ecstatic music that I can't imagine that anyone couldn't find something here. "It's all about love."

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