Monday, September 03, 2007

Club Genre LA and Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Okay, I was gonna only recommend that everyone stay in tonight, chill out, watch some TV, read a book, make out, whatever. But, Club Genre is having a Labor Day Massive Monday and they ain't fucking around. There's like a gazillion great DJs and the dudes behind this party are good dudes and so I recommend those of you in the LA area hit this up and party the night away. Lordy, look at this line-up. Guns'n'Bombs of Kitsune headline the main room along with residents Luv Tek, S!n and Paparazzi. For those who like to move around rooms or those who fear the devastation that line-up can do over the course of a night, there's also a front room featuring Barry Weaver of San Diego, Dirty Dave from all of the cool shit going on in LA, Sleazy V of Loud Noises, plus fellow residents Zendo and Billy Noorlag. This one goes down every Monday at Cinespace in LA, tonight's a great chance to check it out and realize why it's one of the best new parties in that city. Free before 10:30, $5 from then until 11:00, hosted by Jo-Joon, smoking patio, 2 bars, 18+, 21 to drink.

-For the rest of us, get to bed early, as we've got school in the morning and school all week at Pound for Pound, as we continue to do Madchester and Factory Records, we've got a ton of recent female-centric albums and the return of our normal fare, current dance bangers. I actually have plotted out the week in advance for the first time since I started this thing; for real, your boy is soooooo focused. I mean, like real life focused too. Look for some myspace-only goodies in the form of bulletins. Lots of other big news coming this month on all sorts of fronts. We shall fall in love all over again, my friends.

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