Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Radio Slave - Screaming Hands

Radio Slave, "Screaming Hands" (YSI link)

Radio Slave, "Screaming Hands (Josh Wink Interpretation)" (YSI link)

Hmm, it's been kind of a dark day or two at Pound for Pound, lots of weird feelings and neuroses and memories, thanks gmail/chat! I guess I'm taking it out on you, as we're gonna turn to some darker, more mental stuff. Radio Slave fits the bill perfectly, as the dude just does dark and ominous well, y'know?

"Screaming Hands" is actually an older single from Matt Edwards, which has gotten new life from some remixes, but it's still a fucking doozy. To be accurate, the original has been out for at least 6 months or so, dropping on the No Sleep Parts 2 release late last year. The original is just sick, one of those tracks that comes out of the gate strong and doesn't let up until the final drum beats. It's a song like this that makes me wish that I knew more about music production and instruments, so that I could explain what I'm hearing. Basically, the song is built on this crazy siren-y sound that warps and twists throughout; add in some fidgety drums and full-on bass and you have yourself another classic from Radio Slave.

Recently, the song got the remix treatment from Cosmo Vitelli and Philly's own Josh Wink. I can't think of a more perfect combo than Wink and Radio Slave, two dudes who know how to make dark, edgy, when-the-drugs-have-gone-bad music. I can't help but think of Winx's "Don't Laugh," the maniacal acid track built out of the laughter of Wink himself. This one's nearly as good as the original, as Wink has extended things by a few minutes and interestingly taken out that very siren sound that makes the original so dope. This one is all about the percussion, both the hand claps, shakers and the more standard snares. This is a really brilliant remix, it takes its time but never loses your attention.

I recommend grabbing the remix 12" immediately (restocking at Turntable Lab, keep an eye out), as Cosmo Vitelli has a great cosmic disco remix on there. Also, check out Edwards' Rekids label to dig deeper into the man's catalogue and some of the best music coming out in dance music today. I can't recommend the Rekids compilation One more highly, buy it now, do not pass Go.

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