Friday, September 07, 2007

Turntable Lab MP3 Store, IPhone and more

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Since I just mentioned Turntable Lab, I had to remind everyone that the store has opened an online mp3 store where you get HQ versions of all of the stuff they carry. The Turntable Lab Digital Store had a soft opening, so I'm not sure how many people heard about it or how well it has worked in its first week. But, I'm super psyched for this, such a logical next step for the shop. The permanent page isn't ready yet, but you can order through the new releases section. Mang, just a a quick scan and I'm already overwhelmed with choices, The Presets, Modular, Ed Banger, Justice, Kid Sister.

-Mang, Apple is just killing it lately. Love that iPhone price drop and 140 gig (!) iPod and the touchscreen iPod. On a related note, can we not coddle the douchebags now complaining that they paid too much for their iPhones? They bought so they could be the first to have this new technology; they didn't seem to be complaining when I saw them in Union Square cheering coming out of the AT&T store, showing everyone what they didn't have. Also, can the Washington Post not find anything better to cover on the op-ed page than these pathetic gripes by early adopters? I guess anything to make us forget the blood on Fred Hiatt and co's hands from their support of this war and the lies that I got us there.

-Finally, since this one is a technology post, if any DJ out there can recommend a good, affordable mixer and cartridge for a newbie DJ who isn't looking to do much more than mix and do some parties, I'd be ever grateful. I think it's time for Pound for Pound to make a move to the DJ booth, as clearly the world needs another deejay.

-One more music post, then parties, then Friday night. Cheah.

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Vinylhustla said...

Nice heads up on the turntable lab digi site