Thursday, January 24, 2008

Disco D -Fuck Me On The Dancefloor

Disco D 2

Disco D, "Fuck Me On The Dancefloor" (YSI link)

Disco D, "You Need Another Drink" (YSI link)

Disco D, "You Need Another Drink (dirty dub)" (YSI link)

One year and a day ago, Dave Shayman took his own life. I've taken this hard, despite not knowing the guy, just as someone who respected and admired the music of Disco D and has struggled with mental illness. I don't have anything more to say about this a year later, it still seems senseless and sad and makes me wish that we had a country more willing to confront and treat mental illness. In lieu of a lack of words, I wanted to pay respects by putting up one his most famous singles, the Fuck Me On The Dancefloor 12," remind people of his extraordinary talent.

For me, this was the stuff I loved most. I know that his hip-hop productions were probably more skilled and brought him more attention, but the ghettotech releases are not surprisingly where I came to know about Disco D and still brings me back. One listen to "Fuck Me On The Dancefloor" and I think you will hear how he was bringing a hybrid of those genres here, with Princess Superstar rapping, D adding scratches throughout and generally bringing a little more bounce than the harder, straight ghettotech sound. "Need Another Drink" is my personal favorite, a little more traditional with the minimal drums and the repeating vocals. Disco adds this great sort of burping bassline though that gives this one a little extra funkiness that you don't hear with a lot of this Detroit stuff.

I know that this isn't an adequate tribute for one person's life, but not sure there's anything else to do but keep his music out there, keep his spirit alive and remind others that there are too many people leaving us way too soon.

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