Friday, January 11, 2008

Yr Mangled Heart & Washing Up Tiga Remixes

Gossip 1

Gossip, "Yr Mangled Heart (Tiga's Congabreak)" (YSI link) 320

Tomas Andersson, "Washing Up (Tiga remix)"
(YSI link) 320

We're gonna head to Detroit later tonight, but first I wanted to make a quick stop at Planet Sexor. I haven't heard much from Tiga in the last year, always psyched to see the Montreal man come back with a remix. I was especially psyched to see him getting on the Gossip remix train, as that's been one of the most fruitful exchanges in a long time. While Tiga's Congabreak remix didn't blow me away at first listen, it has grown on me. He gives Beth Ditto lots of room to work with, as you get the vocals in full which works well here. You almost get lulled to sleep with the simple drums and low temperature, but then, around the 2 minute mark, there's a breakdown. A jagged, rumbling bass comes in, then the congos go off. However, this is all prelude to some serious synth craziness in the second half of the record, a huge, trance-y sound that

I've also included the only other thing that came out this year featuring Mr. Sontag, Tomas Andersson's "Washing Up." Ok, ok, this one was originally released in 2005, but got reissued this year as a 12" and featured on a few compilations as well. One listen and you will recognize it from many nights out. It's absolutely classic, from the techno beat to the little acid-y melody to the sick breakdown. I miss this nastier Tiga.

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