Monday, January 21, 2008

Tracey Thorn - It's All True

Tracey Thorn, "It's All True (DSE dub)" (YSI link)

Tracey Thorn, "It's All True (Martin Buttrich remix)" (YSI link)

Tracey Thorn, "It's All True (Escort extended remix)" (YSI link)

It's so cold out that it hurts. I just want to stay in, bundle up and listen to beautiful music. We discussed Tracey Thorn's recent album, Out Of The Woods, last week and it definitely fits the bill, I wanted to take one more look before we put it away.

Here's the first single and one of my favorite songs from the album, "It's All True." This one was produced by a dream team of sorts, Metro Area's Darshwan Jeshrani, Ewan Pearson and deep houser Sasse (Lindblad) and they don't disappoint. The original starts out with accordion-like synths and bongo-y percussion, from there a shimmering disco track unfolds. Thorn's voice floats over it all, one of her best vocal tracks on the album. The DSE dub is the work of the producers, i.e. Darshan, Sasse and Ewan, and it might exceed the original. The great bassline takes center stage on this version, which helps, and ironically, I love that they took the vocals out almost completely (they come in around halfway, reverbed and dubbed out), gives the instrumental a chance to shine. Add in the beautiful keys, extend it the song for a few more minutes and you have a winner.

The Escort extended remix is another good 0ne, as the NYC disco band keeps the vocals but funks the whole things up with some guitar and organ. This one's got a nice beat to it, which when added to the chugging guitars, means it should be ideal for a nice dancefloor. Finally, for an almost complete 180, Martin Buttrich of "Full Clip" fame does his lush techno thing here on an epic 9+ minute remix. I'm not sure if one can call this minimal, but for those who listened to that Matthew Dear mix from Fabric, the sound will be familiar. Repetitive sounds that slowly morph, deliberate, Buttrich uses the synths to give it a much warmer sound than one expects out of this genre. He uses Thorn's vocals sparingly, but it sounds great when they come in, another nice bonus you don't get with this genre a lot. Great single, should give you a good idea of where we are headed with this blog in the future.

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Isn't it actually called "It's All True?"