Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Hold Steady - Boys and Girls In America

The Hold Steady, "First Night" (YSI link)

The Hold Steady, "You Can Make Him Like You" (YSI link)

It's almost the end of the year and you kno what that means. Top 10 lists!!! Yea!!! Is there anything more blogger than ranking and cataloguing everything you heard and did in a year? No, there isn't. You know your bol ain't above any of this, so you can expect some lists next week. I'm thinking of a Top 10 concerts, Top 1o albums, Top 10 rap singles, Top 10 dance singles, nothing set yet.

All of this is lead-in to The Hold Steady album, one that was released later in the year and I am getting to at the end of the year. Boys and Girls In America doesn't seem like it should be anything I'd love. Dude sounds like Bruce Springsteen, it's pretty straight ahead indie music and I can't imagine girls shaking their asses or boobs to it. Yet, it works for me. I never heard the earlier albums by Hold Steady and its lead singer, Craig Finn, so I didn't come in with any preconceived notions.

What I hear is a real good rock'n'roll album, one that isn't afraid to just rock and write good songs. Finn is the main man, as his lyrics and voice are the main draws. I actually expected a sort of Tom Waits, boozy, depressed steez, but it's not quite like that. It's more of a boozy, good time feel, not really a self-loathing, depressed one. The above tracks are my two favorites, from both ends of the spectrum. "First Night" is a ballad-y number

-Philly, get up on it! Broadzilla tonight at Upstairs at Sal's!

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-Thursday at the Bamboo Lounge with Brendan Bring'em

-Peaches in LA, afterparty with Daniel Le Disko

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