Friday, December 08, 2006

Arthur Russell - Springfield

Arthur Russell, "Springfield" (YSI link)

Arthur Russell, "Springfield (DFA remix)" (YSI link)

In celebration of the crazy DFA party in Brooklyn tonight, I figured that I would up a few tracks from one of the recent arhive releases of the genius Arthur Russell. We've actually discussed Russell before at Pound for Pound, mainly in the context of the disco-not-disco series. He's a pretty amazing figure who just now getting his due as a musical innovator and dance music legend.

Springfield is a recent release on Audika, the label that is performing a public service by releasing lots of unreleased and out-of-print Russell music. "Springfield" was originally made in 1988 and it's a lot less out there then the earlier stuff. It's a nice, atmospheric track that Russell lets stretch out, bringing some beautiful horns in towards the end. Y'all know I'm a DFA whore, I make no apologies for that. This one sounds unlike anything I've heard by them. It's not like crazy minimalism or jungle, it just lacks the normal buildup of their classics. I actually like it, although I don't think it'll be killing dancefloors anytime soon. It's the lack of bass that keeps it from being that next level type, it's so much more fragile and quiet that I expected. Anyway, give it a listen and then cop the full CD, a mini-companion to Calling Out Context.

-Tonight's the night! DFA Holiday Extravaganza! James Murphy! Tim Goldsworthy! Tim Sweeney! I'm requesting "Haveh Negilah"!

-So pissed that I missed this Suns-Nets game last night, getting to spend my night learning that I'm not successful enough yet. 161-157, like whoa. This is the way I like basketball, although I can understand the people who hate this no-defense. It doesn't bother me, so nice to see dudes hitting shots, dropping clutch jumpers, drives, i.e. excitement.

-Allen Iverson demands a trade. I'm one of his biggest fans, but it's time to end this relationship. It appears that Mo Cheeks has lost this team, something has to change ASAP or this is another lost season.

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