Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thieves Like Us

Thieves Like Us, "Drugs In My Body"
(YSI link)

Thieves Like Us, "Fass"
(YSI link)

I try to keep up with the newest music and the album leaks and all, but I'll never be on the level of masters like Discobelle. Every now and then, though, I get on the bus early enough to feel kinda with it, and Thieves Like Us are one of my favorite finds and deserving of a much bigger audience.

Thieves Like Us come out of the borough of Manhattan, although they definitely seem to have their ear tuned more to the sounds from across the ocean than the crap coming out of this city. This first single, the "Drugs In My Body" 12" comes out on. The trio should interest anyone who has been getting into this new-rave ish and really any of the dance-y indie stuff of the past few years.

"Drugs In My Body" is Side A, a nice, dance-y track that would easily work on the dancefloor. What makes the band so interesting to me is that there's something a bit colder and detached about their sound than, say, Klaxons. I assume that they're named for a New Order song, which is a decent comparison. The band originally come from Berlin, which may help explain their penchant for darker sounds. Two of the members of from Sweden, which brings up The Knife. Not sure this one works as well, as this is much more indie and loud and maximal than the haunted house of The Knife. For the record, I think I may love the B-side even more. "Fass" is a little more hypnotic and may work better as a club track.

-Check Yo' Ponytail! does the damn thing in LA with my bol Daniel from Le Disko spinning, Tralala playing live and lots of gorgeous people.

-Speaking of Brooklyn, I got to check out a great venue Saturday night with my girl JK. Glass House is a loft at the river's edge of Williamsburg and host to some great shows on the more experimental end of things. We were there to see Philly's next big thing, Icy Demons, and I was also hoping to let off some of the steam after my phone was stolen on the bus ride up. [Memo to that dude: Jokes on you, scientists now are pretty sure that cell phone usage will call cause cancer in like 50 years or so. Ha-ha!] It was a really great show, Icy Demons were way better than I expected, lots of Philly people in the house, amazing venue. Thanks to JK for the invite.


Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for posting Thieves Like Us! i recently found out they are friends with the owner of the bar where i sometimes dj. he handed me the 12" to play one night a couple of weeks ago. It was a sad moment to hand the record back to it's rightful owner! Good to have the mp3 for the moment at least...Reminds me a little of Cassius and..Phoenix? Woo.

tinypants said...

both links are to FASS!

hi jack :)