Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Busy Signal

Busy Signal, "Step Out"
(rapidshare link)

Busy Signal, "Lu Lu Lu" (rapidshare link)

Busy Signal, "Not Going Down" (rapidshare link)

After a night of non-stop dancehall goodness, it seemed like the right thing to share some with my dear readers. Busy Signal is another of the big names that seem to constantly be coming up from Kingston. I first came across a mention of him on Turntable Lab, as they hyped the "Step Out" single. He's been around for a few years, but it seems like 2006 is the year that he really began to get some attention.

"Step Out" is the best choice here, a statement that this dude is a serious MC. He's not quite as word crazy as Vybz Kartel, but he definitely runs. This tune has a great refrain, perfect for the clubs with its message of drinking and smoking and dancing. "Not Going Down" is on some sensitive shit, it should be getting constant mention from the genre's critics (why do I doubt that it will or that they even really listen to the music enough to know of its existence). Both songs tend more the calmer, less brutal sounds of dancehall a few years ago. "Lu Lu Lu" harkens back to that glorious period with its sexist lyrics, explicit sexual references and more punishing sound. The Smash riddim sounds real good here, definitely need to find some other goodies on this one.

Buy his debut album
, Step Out, which dropped this year on the Greensleeves label. It's a very good full-length, a rare chance to hear a dancehall artist who can put it together over an entire album. It'll be interesting to see if he can keep it going in the new year.

-A great party for a great cause in LA tonight featuring Blake from Moving Units, Dirty Dave and Anne Lee from BFF and Alex from Imarobot on the decks


-Read Harold Myerson on the new look of the country after the midterm elections in "The GOP's Southern Exposure." Remember last year when the pundits were discussing the GOP's long reign. Uhh, whoops.

-The Fader affair last night was a good time. BD, CH and I got there around 9, which was very lucky as I heard a lot of people got left out. Not sure who waqs spinning, but he played a fantastic mix of dancehall all night long. Unfortunately, Mavado, this month's cover boy, didn't make it to the venue and couldn't play. We did get a set from Vietnam, the other cover profile, who played their southern rock songs until the power went out. It just didn't do it for me

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