Friday, December 22, 2006

Gossip - Standing In The Way Of Control remixes Part 2

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control (Headman remix)"
(YSI link)

The Gossip, "Standing In The Way Of Control (Tronik Youth remix)" (YSI link)

We looked at the first series of remixes for Gossip's big single "Standing In The Way Of Control" and here is the second part. The names may not be as big as the first post, but they make up for it with two of the best remixes. The Headman one might be my choice of the entire lot, a nice, dirty electro-fied version that keeps the punkiness of the original intact. Tronik Youth turn in a disco version that works really well with some gorgeous synth work. What stands out the most in these two versions is lead singer Beth Ditto's voice. It's amazing, so powerful and soulful and both remixers use it to good effect. I'd have to say that the voice helps this band stand out from the pack. I totally imagine her fitting in perfectly back in the Studio 54 days, a disco diva, albeit a riot grrl version.

Buy their latest CD now, as it's a real good one and has not been getting enough shine in end of the year lists.

Thanks to Uncle Grambo at whatevs (dot org) for linking to Pound for Pound's earlier "Standing In The Way Of Control" post. It's all part of a great post on his favorite 20 singles of the year. Mostly on the indie tip, but all good choices and unique from a great site that covers a ton of topics every day.

-Steve at Little White Buds has a great end of the year singles post. Great list, nice and diverse, from T.I. to Martin Buttrich. It's a great site in general, as bol is dropping all sorts of great stuff from all over the musical spectrum. Make it a regular stop.

-whatevs (dot org) reminds my girl Katerine McPhee why she became beloved in the first place. Do not let Hollywood turn you into another stick figure, I won't let it happen.

-I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen this, but I still need to link to the Justin Timberlake SNL skit from this past weekend. "Dick In A Box" is the best thing since Lazy Sunday, as my bol Andy Samberg saves the show again.

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