Sunday, December 31, 2006

Auld Lang Syne

Thank G-d, 2006 is finally coming to an end. Put it to rest with a bang, get ready for 2007.

-Globothermonuclear at Upstairs at Sal's on 12th with my bols Crimp Yr Hair DJs

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-Making Time at Transit with Man Man, Pony Pants and an 8 hour open bar (best flier I've seen in a minute)

-Paper Street at the Bellevue with Low B and Plastic Little

-Studio B in Greenpoint with DJ motherfucking Assault

-Cheeky Bastard and GBH at Maritime Hotel with James of the Klaxons spinning. Head to the afterparty at Movida from 3 on.

-Motherfucker vs. Calling All Kids

-Todd P's jawn at Silent Barn with Black Lips and Japanther

-Evildoer's New Year's Party in LA

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