Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cajuan - Dance Not Dance

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (The Stripped mix)" (rapidshare link)

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (The Pogo mix)"
(rapidshare link)

Cajuan, "Dance Not Dance (Digitalism remix)" (rapidshare link)

Oooh yeah, we're stepping it up this week here, trying to build all the momentum towards 2007. Cajuan is a name that wasn't familiar to me until I heard this jawn, and a look at his discography doesn't suggest he has made much of a name for himself in the past few years (much more active in the early part of the decade). That should change now, as this single is a banger banger banger.

All three songs above are killer, essential stuff for those like me who obsess over this new electro/disco scene coming up. What really makes this one a winner is the simple lyrics about dancing to good music, not dancing to bad music. Cajuan gets all Hamlet on our asses, to dance or not to dance, an essential question that will define your life. So great, has to kill the club. The Pogo mix tends more to a big house sound, while the Stripped one is much more minimal. Digitalism turn in another good turn, possibly the best of the three.

-Diplo at Bamboo Lounge tonight in Philly with Brendan Bring'em. You know where to be.

-Dub Wars vs. Trouble & Bass tonight at Movida in NYC, Drop The Lime, Zack Shadetek vs. Joe Nice, much more. Dubstep celebrates a huge year, see you there.

-I want to offer Tara Connor a position as Pound for Pound spokeswoman. Her erratic behavior, penchant for boozing and drugging and sexual decadance are exactly the traits that we celebrate here. It's unpaid, for the record.

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