Friday, December 15, 2006

Boys Noize

Boys Noize, "Erole Attack" (YSI link)

Boys Noize is right up there as MVP of 2006, as his remixes have simply killed me all year. The man's basslines are so massive and heavy, he brings that dirty, filthy electro sound that this blog advocates. Here's Side A of the most recent Boys Noize single, "Erole Attack," which dropped on Tiga's Turbo Recordings label. It's not hard to see who this song references, at least title-wise - Pound for Pound favorite Erol Alkan. I could Alkan spinning this out, not sure his name is the first to come to mind though when I listen. It's got a phenomenal, fuzzy bassline, more breaks that one would expect, which at times dulls the impact of the song. It's been getting a lot of mixed reviews, but I'm definitely not down on it. It's not the best thing Alexander Ridha has done, but it's still damn good to my ears.

-Mr. Boys Noize himself, Alexander Ridha, is in Philly tonight as a guest of [click]. This is another special one at Medusa's Lounge, the small basement bar that hosted MSTRKRFT a few months ago. NYC tomorrow night. I did a preview for this week's Philly Weekly, one of my better ones I think. I cannot recommend this night more highly.

-Can't stop, won't stop. I also have a big article in the same issue, covering my top 5 DJ/club events for NYE in Philly(Globothermonuclearwar! Making Time!) for all tastes and budgets. What's the only thing I like more than DJs and parties? Jewish girls! Here's my preview for the show Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad, a music/burlesque/comedy jawn.

-Get at me if you are putting together a NYE party, as I'm glad to spread the word about good events that don't cost hundreds of dollars and feature douchebags from Jersey everywhere. Holler at your boy.


Anonymous said...

aha! just what I needed for the weekend. thx!

Anonymous said...

big party for NYE!!!
and wayyyyyyy more...
$20 at Studio B

Anonymous said...

glad the link is still active. song bangs.