Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Big Apple Rappin' Part 2

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Spyder D, "Big Apple Rappin'" (YSI link)

T. J. Swann, Peewee Mel & Barry B, "Are You Ready"
(YSI link)

"New York, it's the place to be." It's hard to argue with that sentiment when it comes to the history of hip-hop, and that's coming from a Philly person through and through. These songs above are classic tributes to the city, slabs of early hip-hop that would pave the way for everyone coming after. Most of all, these are love songs to the 5 Boroughs and it's beautiful. I also mean to do an essay or something on hip-hop and its fierce identification with its cities. That'll have to wait, but

-High Voltage tonight with Frog, a.k.a. Dances With White Girls, and my bol Dmitry

-More Big Apple Hanennins: Mixtape Riot at Piano's tonight with Crunc Tesla and Oxy Cottontail

-West Coast! Modular does LA tonight at the Stone Bar

-Pennsylvania makes a name for itself by having a town that wants to mandate that every citizen must own a gun.

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