Saturday, December 30, 2006

Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury

Clipse, "Momma I'm So Sorry" (YSI link)

Clipse, "Keys Open Doors" (YSI link)

No one thought this would come, but damn if all the bullshit didn't stop and the music industry finally released the Clipse follow-up to Lord Willin'. Hell Hath No Fury is one of the best albums of the year, the best rap album of the year (sorry T.I.), period. In fact, with each listen, it begins to assert itself in the conversation of essential rap albums, according to Pound for Pound. It's not at Mobb Deep's level, although it ain't as far as I would have expected. I mean, how amazing is it that this album not only lived up to the most hyped expectations ever, but far exceeded them.

You've all heard the first two singles, "Mr. Me Too" and "Wamp Wamp." The songs above are the proof that this album is deep. It's a sprawling, complicated album, one that takes the crack rap schtick to an extreme. It's almost the music of the living dead, cold, mechanical, self-loathing, angry, violent.

-Project Matt and DJ Lindsey at Home Sweet Home. Roll through for the best party in the LES, hell, just about the only thing keeping that neighborhood from going the way of the rest of the Manhattan. Say hi to your bol, I'll be there.

-Amanda Lepore is doing a guest DJ spot at Robot Rock tonight

-Hell hath no fury like a blogger scorned. Let me take the time to explain to the person who crank called me and whose phone this message was made from, do not test my gangsta. That's your warning.

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