Tuesday, December 26, 2006

RIP James Brown


James Brown, "Lost Someone" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "Let Yourself Go" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "There Was A Time" (rapidshare link)

James Brown, "I Feel All Right"
(rapidshare link)

James Brown, "I Can't Stand It" (rapidshare link)

Oh 2006, what a terrible time you've brought with you. I woke up yesterday morning to learn that it was going to continue to cause pain right up until its last days, as James Brown passed away early yesterday morning. There's not much for me to add that hasn't already been said elsewhere. He was one of the looming figures over all of the music that I talk about here, one of those artists that stand above, a la Dylan, Ellington, Miles, Morrissey, etc.

I've been listening to his music today, mainly the Live at the Apollo stuff, as it's quite possibly my favorite live recordings ever, a chance to hear Brown in his most natural environment. The Apollo was like a second home for JB and his bands, a place that established the legend and made him a star. All of the tracks above should remind people of the amazing music that the man made, something that probably got lost as he had his run-ins with the law and became a Vegas caricature. This is raw, emotional, brilliant music that has rarely been equalled. It deals with politics, race, sex, love, women, it's complex and offensive and hard and cold and soft and warm. It's got multitudes like all the great stuff does, and it helps make his death a little more bearable.


Mark said...

Rejoice! Hear the news of the coming return of the Godfather!

James Brown seeks disciples to spread the good news of the Godfather's return and of his redemption of Soul!

Join the Church of James Brown, and be forever known as a Disciple of Soul.

Repeat the words:

I believe that James Brown died on Christmas day to redeem Soul.

I believe that James Brown is still the Hardest Working Man in Show Business.

I believe that James Brown worked hard to spread the Gospel of Soul, and now, he's returned to the cosmic mothership to preach his gospel from on high, eternally united with the Father of Soul, Brother Ray, who plays keyboards righteously.

I believe that James Brown will return to the Apollo three days after his death to proclaim the power and the glory of Soul. Verily, he shall also be on television, to spread his gospel to the world.

Will you see the light of James Brown?
Will you hear, bear witness to, and spread the message of James Brown, the Soul Brother Number One?
Will you let James Brown in to your heart to purify and redeem Soul?

Anonymous said...

fucking works