Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Martin Buttrich - Full Clip

Martin Buttrich, "Full Clip" (rapidshare link)

Okay, enough of this stupid rock shit. Let's get back to the stuff that matters : dance music! I hadn't heard of Martin Buttrich until come across a mention of his massive single, "Full Clip," which has been getting played by the biggest DJs in the world, including Philly's Josh Wink. Buttrich is best known until now as the producer for Timo Maas and co-producer for Loco Dice. Those credentials definitely couldn't have prepared many for this massive track, a 12 minute techno-ish rager. It's definitely not a typical Pound for Pound track, lacking the filthiness and sick bassline to earn that honor. But, so what? This one has gets under your skin with its hypnotic techno beats, as it slowly but surely builds up steam until it's unstoppable about halfway.

-Do you know how fucked up the Iraq War has become? In the midst of this article about more death, executions, kidnappings and robberies, I read this story:

Hours after the accountants were robbed in Baghdad, guards at another downtown bank opened fire on a funeral procession, wounding a mourner. Police said the guards thought the coffin was fake, and that criminals were masquerading as mourners as part of an elaborate attempt to rob the bank. Police intervened and found the mourners to be genuine.

I cannot even fathom what sort of situation this is, where people are so frightened that they assume the worst about a funeral procession.

-William Arkin looks at the lunacy of our country putting more troops into a failed situation in Iraq

I'll be at the Fader issue 42 release party tonight in Williamsburg. If you see me, say hi as I'm not sure that I'm going to know anyone.

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Steve said...

"Full Clip" is pretty ripping, but I prefer "Cloudy Bay," which came out about a minute ago. I'll be hosting it on my blog tomorrow or sooner.

Great posts, by the way.