Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks A.I.

I got the word last night by text message from my father, telling me that the Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson was traded. It wasn't surprising, as I'd been keeping up with the rumors since the Sixers benched him and decided to trade him. It still shocked me though to consider that Iverson was no longer a part of our team or a Philly athlete any more. He's been a part of my basketball life for so long, it's hard to think back to the period before he came.

I don't want to get too much into the who got the better of the deal, right now. I just want to thank Allen for providing me with so much excitement and happiness over the past 9 seasons. I figured that I had grown too old to be a fan of one player still, but I was wrong. I love AI, I love watching him play basketball, I love how he has grown as a man with each year, how he has remained true to his friends, family and hometown. I love that he has represented the hip-hop generation without apology, in spite of the subtle and not-so-subtle racism and haters that have attacked him from Day One. I love his crossover, his teardrops in the lane over guys a foot taller than him, his hustle and willingness to take physical pain. I love thinking back to that NBA Finals run when he took the team on his back for 4 playoff series, almost bringing the city a championship.

We love you at Pound for Pound and will be cheering you on in Denver, as I hope you get the title you deserve. I miss you and the city of Philadelphia miss you. Thanks Allen for all the good years.

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Oh... Mercy said...

I Love Iverson.
Not from Philly, but wherever I go I try to catch the sixers playing because of him.
Now I have to watch the Nuggets instead.
Hope this will be good for him and bring him a championship that he deserves.
He has more heart than any 6 players I could name.