Friday, December 08, 2006

The Juan MacLean - Love Is In The Air remixes

The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Mock and Toof remix)" (YSI link)
The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Strategy remix)" (YSI link)

The Juan MacLean, "Love Is In The Air (Heart of the Sun remix by Caro)" (YSI link)

Let's make it an all DFA day, as I get ready to head out to their party. The Juan MacLean are a name that I haven't mentioned enough here. One of the main members of the DFA stable, their music falls much more on the dance end of the spectrum than anyone on the label.

-Finger on the Pulse tonight at Royal Oak, Bad Sweater party (it's just a hop and jump from the DFA jawn)

-G-d damn NYC, this is a monstrous night. Freeform Five are spinning in Manhattan for the return of Calling All Kids at Luke & Leroy


-This Catchdubs flier caught my eye and the party name made this so necessary


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Anonymous said...

I was up at the DFA thing too. I had a great time, but I had no idea that that club was in the middle of fucking nowhere. Four or five cabs in a row refused me drive me because they had no idea where the I fuck I was talking about. When I finally found a dude willing to try, he resorted to rolling down his window in Bushwick and yelling "WHERE IS BANKER STREET?!" to random passersby. What a fucking experience.