Monday, August 07, 2006

Vitalic remixes

Bjork, "Who Is It (Vitalic remix)"

Basement Jaxx, "Cish Cash (Vitalic remix)"

Royskopp, "What Else Is There (Vitalic remix)"

More remix magic, this time from one of the better known names in electronic music right now, Vitalic. I think that I'll put up some tracks from his recent album, OK Cowboy, which is excellent, one of the year's best. Vitalic is, you guessed it, French, another member of this amazing electro generation that has become my obsession. This seems like the perfect time to spotlight his work, as he is clearly influenced by Daft Punk, our recent focus here.

It's odd that I've never mentioned Bjork on this blog before, as she has always been one of my favorite artists, an inspiration in her ability to tread the line between pop and experimental, success and underground status, all while putting out great album after great album. Vitalic takes her song "Who Is It" from Medulla and turns it into a electro house stomper, replacing the haunting, shuffling original instrumental. It works very well, kinda gives the song more heft and left reliance on her vocals.

The Royskopp remix comes out of the same school really, providing a buzzing house beat under the vocals. The last few minutes are quite nice, with a beautifully repetitive sequence. Finally, Vitalic remixes another electronic superstar in Basement Jaxx, interpretating one of my favorites tracks from Kish Kash. How could you not love something featuring Siouxie Sioux, fer chrissakes?!? This one is a little more subdued, less bass, much more traditional house sound to my ears. Listen for the crazy loud drum sound at about the 3:40 mark, kinda comes out of nowhere to me.

-I want to take this time and shout out one of the best cafes in Philly, Mugshots, which has increasingly become a site for my writing excursions. This one's located in Fairmount, at the corner of 21st St. and Fairmount Ave., so it has to be dear to my heart. But, it doesn't just have location, it also free wi-fi, good vegetarian food and coffee and a political conscience. They support the local food movement, fair trade and the neighborhood. They just opened a new location in Manayunk, so you have no excuse not to show some love.

-Lesson learned last night: do not use a bookstore's bathroom, particularly on a Sunday night. I got the dry heaves from the smell in Barnes and Noble on the Square.


Music Reboot said...

Definitely the best remix of 'What else there' I have ever heard.

Link me and I'll link you?

Lynton said...

Love the Vitalic remixes.

I don't what happened with the licencing on the Basement Jaxx track "Kish Kash", but check out the Zongamin track "Whiplash" and tell me if you think that someone owes somebody some kish cash!!

eo said...

Great shout out to Mugshots. They are a fine example of a successful local business which you just can't help but feel good about supporting. Their owners should coach other small business owners about their model for success.

I too love Bjork. Thanks for admitting it and posting her jam.

Anonymous said...

any chance of reposting these?


Anonymous said...

Oh god that basement jaxx remix is so good it makes my face hurt

would you pleeease either repost it or email it to me??


Anonymous said...

oh god that basement jaxx remix is so good it makes my face hurt

theres no way you could either repost ot or email it to me is there??