Friday, August 25, 2006

The Knife - Marble House

The Knife, "Marble House (Rex the Dog remix)"

The Knife, "Marble House (Booka Shade's Polar Light dub)"

The Knife, "Marble House (Booka Shade remix)"

The Knife, "Marble House (PTR remix)"

I think that The Knife music I've put up as gotten the biggest reaction, except for maybe the Cassius "Toop Toop" and Justice remixes. So, here's a few more from the catalogue, another 12" released for their last album, Silent Shout. "Marble House" is another brilliant track, keeping in that 'haunted house music' vein we've mentioned. In fact, this one might be my favorite song on the album, love the vocals, the crisp instrumental

The remixes are a nice batch, starting with Rex the Dog's uplifting version. It's amazing how different this one sounds in comparison to the paranoic original. This one sounds perfect for a house set, as Rex the Dog has upped the BPMs and added some nice synth 80s sounds and it also sounds so uplifting that I want to cry.

Booka Shade puts together two reinterpretations, both of which bringing a dubbier sound to the mix. The Polar Light dub is way better than the obligatory dub version on 12" singles, as it isn't on some paint by numbers shit. He really redoes the entire thing, as it sounds nothing like The Knife's version. He takes out the vocals for the most part, drops the synth sounds, makes the bass more active. In fact, both Booka Shade versions sound similar to me; the remix differs mainly in the addition of congos/percussion, giving it a more natural, organic sound.

Finally, the PTR remix by PlanningToRock puts together my favorite version, stick closest to the original. PTR keep the vocals, but add an almost orchestral sound to the mix, complete with piano notes, strings, slowing it all down for optimal effect. This isn't for the dancefloor, but like the best of Bjork, it has a beauty in its oddness.

-Dope music blog alert: another night on earth. Chris has a great site going, covering a lot of the same music that I do here, but with far greater eloquence and sense of the history of dance music. I'm really digging his Friday Classics posts, which cover some of the influential names in dance music from the well-known to the obscure. But, best of all, there's a nice look at the influences like jazz, soul and afrobeat, something that I hope to do a better job covering down the road. Head over there now and show some love to my South African bol.

-I try not to make this blog too personal, choosing to focus on music, cities, politics, the world outside of me. However, I come to you tonight to ask for your opinion on a matter of import: Should I get a buzz cut? My hair is long now and I need to get a haircut. However, I'm leaning towards getting it buzzed off (not bald, mind you), but wanted to get opinions before I do. My thinking: this will be a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to put the past few months behind me. However, I'm afraid that this won't do that and I'll just look like an ugly asshole. Thoughts, opinions, votes, let's hear it, people.


Merlin said...

These guys rule!!!

Merlin said...

These guys rule!

z. said...

there is nothing better than change to help move on.. i say go for it.. with a number 2..

Randy said...

any chance of re-upping #2 (dub) please? YSI has a small dl limit. thanks.

(sendspace has unlimited downloads)

Anonymous said...

would be pleased to have this remixes reposted if that's possible ?

scorpiolivier said...

Any cbance to have all these remixes re-posted ?

Thank you in advance