Monday, August 14, 2006

The Presets - Are You The One?

The Presets, "Are You The One?"

The Presets, "Are You The One? (Simian Mobile Disco remix)"

The Presets, "Are You The One? (Van She remix)"

I finally copped this one yesterday at TTL, a great banger from Modular Records, a great intro to The Presets. I know that this has been out for a minute, so sue me. Or you can just enjoy it, as it's a nice track and even better remixes. Modular kinda has a lock on the whole hipster rock scene, releasing tracks from Wolfmother, Chromeo and Cut Copy amongst others.

I can't say that I've heard all of their artists, but The Presets seem like the one that captures this dance punk spirit the best. Unlike say Wolfmother, The Presets' songs don't need the benefit of a remixer to get that dance feeling. "Are You The One?," off their debut album Beams, is not gonna be mistaken for a house song or anything, but the driving bass and handclaps make me want to dance (or my version of dancing which involves a lot of leg lifting and arm spasms). Give it a listen and tell me how great the breakdown with the almost-chant of "Are you the one?" is. Buy the album here, you can say you loved these guys way before they were playing shows at huge venues.

The remixes came out on the vinyl single, released originally, I believe, on DJ Hell's electroclash label International Deejay Gigolos. The Simian Mobile Disco remix is worth the price of admission alone and for the observant ones, a track already discussed here. Rather than reup, I just figured I'd give it to you again. The Van She remix is a totally different beast, one that ups the rock quotient, turning this into a loud, rawk tune. The drums sound like some dude with his shirt off and a beer next to his kit just going to town. The bass is less important, the synth-y sounds are gone, as there isn't time for subtlety on this one.

-Here is a great start to the week, as news just came that The Rub DJs - Cosmo Baker, DJ Ayres and DJ Eleven - have some downloadable sets on seems to have big things in store, always great to see local areas doing what they can to foster and spread the word about their people. [Via FiftyOne:FiftyOne]

-I meant to mention this on the last post, but Junior Boys are on tour now, doing the whole national/world trek. Get the full schedule here, they're playing Philly on September 8th at the North Star and NYC on the 7th at the Bowery Ballroom. I hope that they put a little more personality into these shows, as these are bigger venues and the whole laptop schtick might not hold up as well.


Alexis said...

Thanks for these! The original reminds me a lot of that Bodyrockers song from around this time last year. It's very catchy and agreeably dancable...if that's even a word. I like the remixes as well, especially the Simian Mobile Disco Mix. Very cool indeed.

mjrc said...

thanks so much for these presets remixes. you made my day!

z said...

you HAVE to go see them(the presets) live they are way beyond awesome and they give out hugs