Saturday, August 05, 2006

Kelis - Bossy remixes

Kelis, "Bossy (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke remix)"

Kelis, "Bossy (Sebastian remix)"

Kelis, "Bossy (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke Earth Out remix)"

Kelis, "Bossy (Switch remix)"

Still my favorite song of the year (don't hold me to that), Kelis' "Bossy" has gotten the expected remix treatment and it continues the trend of amazing reinterpretations of hip hop songs. It's pretty clear that her shit serves as a good template for dance producers, I'm guessing because the Neptunes shit is so respected or perhaps easily adapted.

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke liked the track so much that they've dropped two remixes. The first one is my favorite, turning Kelis into a speed-rapping disco queen. I absolutely love the sound here, so joyous and uplifting, a far cry from the darker, electro shit that we've been hyping lately. The Earth Out remix sounds like it should be more to my liking, as it has a driving, bass heaviness that is our aesthetic. However, the duo doesn't really use her vocals very effectively, in my opinion, chopping it down to one indecipherable line. I mean, the vocals are great on this song, they definitely could have done better on this front.

The Switch remix puts the original on amphetamines, a jittery, sped up tune. I'm not sure there's much more to say about this one, they cleverly take the Kelis line about "I switched up the beat of the drum," doing exactly that. The Sebastian remix is my personal favorite of the lot, short but sweet. They bring a bit of the Neptunes synth sound to bat, but also there's a late 90s East Coast rap sound I'm hearing. Does anyone else?

-The boss of NYC is celebrating his 30th birthday tonight. I want to wish a happy birthday to my bol MF and look forward to having him contribute to Pound for Pound down the road. We're gonna run New York before long, believe that.

-Philly, another sick Pop Off Shack tonight at the Metro Lounge. 51:51 as always have the scoop and ready-made itinerary for the party people. I'll be at one of these events;p NYC, let me crash on your couch and you have me.


Joe John said...

Not sure if I misinterpreted that, but "Bossy" wasn't produced by The Neptunes. It was produced by Bangladesh I think. Kelis has been branching out to include other producers after her sophomore album.

Jack said...


You're right on, I wrote that horribly. I was thinking of all the Milkshake remixes and other stuff from previous albums.

When I first posted the original, I did have all the facts straight. Thanks for pointing this out, as Bangladesh kills on this one, deserves his due.

Chris said...

these are cool, thanks. also check out what Austin's Car Stereo (Wars) did with "bossy", it's my favorite version.

Anonymous said...

looks like the "download limit" has been reached on these tracks... please repost; i'd love to hear them!

Jack said...

I reupped all four remixes, so have at them again. Enjoy, Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Pedantic, perhaps, but Tasty wasn't her sophomore album. It was her third - right? Admittedly, the second one didn't get a US release. Still...

Anonymous said...

hey man care to renw the links again?

i would really enjoy listening to these remixes

Anonymous said...

Yeah I totally second that - a renew is definitely due! zShare is a better way to post IMHO.