Friday, August 11, 2006

It's My Birthday

Go Jack, go Jack, it's your birthday. That's right friends, today is the day that I was born all those many years ago. How old am I? I'm in my 20s, you'll need to count the tears to get the exact age. I don't really have much reason for making this post, just wanted to use that picture and because I am totally addicted to getting comments on myspace saying happy birthday. I am a sad, tiny man, what can I say?

Actually, I celebrated last night with some North Side fun with quizzo at the Abbaye and beers and Low Budget at 700 Club. I want to thank TA, EO, MR, AP, KA and SS for turning out and not letting me pay and taking my mind off of the past month or two. I cannot begin to say how much fun I had and how great it was to be surrounded by people who you love and who stand by you no matter what. Ride or die shit, ya dig? For real, I had so much fun last night and couldn't ask for better company, better places, a better city. (P.S. To the rats who told the Quizzo Master that we were cheating: watch your fucking backs, y'all know what snitches get? Pound for Pound does not forget, this is your only warning.)

Anyway, we've got a post going up later with some new Junior Boys, hope you enjoy. If you are looking to get me a gift, know that I am celebrating my vinyl birthday, so buy me records. Or you can have Scarlett wish me a happy birthday. Or you can make the above scene happen. Your choice, thanks. Time for some cake.

anya bdaycake2


Anonymous said...

i like your blog a lot. real deal. also, thank god someone is a true honest tit-lover. i feel like every guy hides the fact that tits fucking rule.

Anonymous said...

happy birth day :D

girlfiend said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

and the quizzo snitches were WRONG!!