Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Bob Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour #3 (links fixed)


Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #3 (Drinking)
(new link #1)

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #3 (Drinking) (new link #2)

I wanted to try to catch up on these Radio Theme Time Hour episodes, then will return to the bi-weekly Bob Dylan Sundays. Sound good?

This is a theme close to my own heart, as I've always enjoyed a good alcoholic beverage. How could I not love anything that allows me to think that I am funny, witty, attractive to the opposite sex and able to fight. I always feel like I will hit an age where I become a sophisticated drinker, sipping scotch and discussing the oakiness of a particular wine. I'm still waiting for that transition, as I feel like there will be a moment when ordering PBR and Yards and Sparks will be embarrassing.

Anyway, this is another amazing document. I really can't say much more about how amazing these radio shows are, a chance to hear how witty Dylan is and how encyclopedic his knowledge of music is. Download this one, go to school with the man and hear some John Lee Hooker, The Andrew Sisters and all sorts of great country and blues tunes.


Lomena said...

I agree, I think these are amazing, Dylan's got a lot to say without "talking down" and the selection of songs is very ecclectic. Really enjoy these posts.

Anonymous said...

Just found your awesome blog and quickly put the first two Dylan shows on my computer but this one is giving me a problem. The .zip file wasn't downloaded. I read you had a similar fault with the first radio hour.

Thanks again, these files mean a lot to me.


wildflower seed said...

Hi there
Lovely to see Bob featured again. Look forward to more. Thanks.

wildflower seed said...

Facing the same problem as Rocky. :(

Jack said...

Rocky and Ventilator,

Sorry for the problems with the file. I've been trying to check and see what's up, but can't even get an open slot to d/l.

Anyway, I'm uploading again on sendspace, I will put that link up shortly. Let me know if it works.

Jack said...

Okay, for really real, both links should be working now.

If there is any more trouble, I will cry.

Anonymous said...

"Take the rag away from your face.
Now ain't the time for your tears"

It is downloading as a zip file right now, thanks again!