Monday, August 14, 2006

Urban Studies Help

Friends, fellow city lovers, academics,

I am coming to you for a little advice and help. I have been giving serious thought to going back to school to pursue my interest in cities, their cultures, their organization, etc. I am curious if there are any readers who have gone back to school with similar interests and could help me figure out what is the best line of study or what academic program is best for someone more interested in the theory of urban studies than the urban planning programs that seem to dominate. Any specific schools I should look at?

Likewise, does anyone know of any organizations that deal with urban issues in New York City that accept interns? Any guidance on career aspects of this interest?

Also, I am considering starting up an online magazine to look at these issues that interest me. If there is anyone out there who would like to be involved in putting this together, holler. I will have a seperate post down the road when this is closer to fruition asking for submissions and whatnot. Thought this would be a good chance to get in touch with likeminded individuals who could help me take this next step in my life. Sorry for being so selfish and personal, but this is a central aspect of this blog and a passion of mine. It will only benefit Pound for Pound in the long-run.



Brain said...

post your question at and you're bound to get some good feedback.

eo said...

my other urban studies friend thinks U of Chicago might have a good program for you...Chicago is the new NYC.

Anonymous said...

Urban and Regional Planning at Ryerson University in Toronto, ON. if you know, you're interested in coming to canada.

stephen said...

hey, i read your blog and am definitely interested in the same stuff...i haven't really pursued it yet but i imagine i'll begin to focus on it more in the next couple of years. i go to school in olympia, wa, but i think i'm going to move soon. i don't have any resources, sorry, but i'm interested in finding some.