Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blak Jak - Bobbin' My Head

Blak Jak, "Bobbin' My Head"

Blak Jak, "Ride and Swerve"

Here's the latest Blak Jak track, which has been out for a few weeks. For those that don't know, Blak Jak is the latest rapper to emerge from the Atlanta scene, possibly the perfect example of that 'Southern' rapper I mentioned with Rick Ross. In other words, an amalgamation of all the regions of the South, bringing elements from each into a total package. "Bobbin' My Head" is a sneaky song, it kinda sneaks up on you after repeated listening. In fact, it's just like the first single, "Ride and Swerve," which started to get some attention up North after a few months. It's got a nice, simple, repeatable refrain, good verses. I'm still partial to "Ride and Swerve," with its great drum sound and general catchiness, but both have me anticipating the album, Place Your Bets.

-It's been too long since I hyped myself up. Have no fear, it's time again. Check out my latest for the Philly Weekly: an A-List preview of the free screening of Kill Yr Idols at the World Cafe Live - the documentary on NYC underground rock which I'm going to try to make next week - and a look at Philly underground legends Notekillers' show at The Fire. Grindin'...

-Speaking of great writers, Frank Rich's column from this past Sunday is magnificent, a brilliant takedown of the politics of fear that has risen up since September 11th. It's especially nice to see him hammer the pundit class that supported the Iraq War and call them out for their hysterical reaction to Joe Lieberman's defeat. Rich has always been one of my favorites, here's a chance to read him in topform.

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