Thursday, August 17, 2006

Para One - Dudun-dun

Para One, "Dudun-dun"

Para One, "Dudun-dun (MSTRKRFT remix)"

Para One, "Dudun-dun (Boys Noize remix)" (DJs, this is at 320)

Time to get back to Paris, as it's been a few days since I discussed one of the people making that city the epicenter of dance music right now (sorry Berlin) and I'm getting the shakes. Para One comes out of the Institubes scene, bringing an instrumental hip-hop sound that reminds me of Ghislain Poirier. They're both open to dancehall, the new sounds of house and electronica, but at heart, they're hip-hop producers. Para One's "Dudun-dun" was the first single to drop for his debut album, Epiphanie, and it's a doozy. It totally confounded my expectations, as this sounds so beautiful and hypnotic. The first two minutes is kinda harsh, with a scratching sound dominating. Around the two minute mark, the bass really gets going and Para adds some background vocals that become their own instrument and before you know it, it's sadly over.

MSTRKRFT come damn close to equaling the original, as they don't fuck too much with what Para One did. It still has a similar build-up, although the Toronto boys add more drums and keep that harsh synthesizer (?) sound throughout. The bass also comes down a bit and the singing is gone completely, giving this a harsher, more rock sound. I only know Boys Noize from their great Bloc Party remix on the Kitsune Maison compilation; here they bring a similar fuzzed out sound to the mix. Again, this isn't a crazy reinterpretation, really just adding and subtracting a few elements. The best part of this one is the oscillating bass that simply dominates this track from around the 3 minute mark. Sounds so good, definite dancefloor material.

-Cop the new Caps and Jones mix at The Stencil, as this Two of my favorite DJs in the world, doing it big for a half-hour. What more could you ask for, go grab it!

-The only way you can love another is to love yourself. In that spirit, check out my two latest pieces for the Philly Weekly. The first is a preview for hometown heroes The Roots, the second one is for a live hip-hop night put together by local group Subliminal Orphans. I actually got to talk this group via email, really great to hear from Philly people grindin' and put big things together. This is the biggest show they've put together, so show some love at World Cafe Live.


Shane said...

wow thanks man for getting the boys noize remix!! ive been looking everywere for this track. I dont know if you have hurd alot of there remix's but you should defiently check out frau(boysnoize mix)- Irobots. the mstrkft remix is still my fav though.
keep up the good work

alt124 said...

If you don't know Boys Noize search for Tiga - Move Your Body (Boys Noize Remix)it's really Huge...also about one of his alias Kid Alex.

DigitalFilth said...

oh man, gutted i missed out on the boys noize remix, anyone know where i can get hold of a digital copy?

DigitalFilth said...

props on the re'up, you are now my hero.