Thursday, August 10, 2006

Remixes by Spank Rock

Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva, "True Skool (Spank Rock remix)"

CSS, "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Spank Rock remix)"

Teki Latex, ""Disco Dance With You (Spank Rock remix feat. Amanda Blank)"

I've been mentioning Spank Rock all year, in light of the numerous shows I've seen and the fact that their album YoYoYoYoYoYo is my favorite this year so far. However, I've done a terrible job showcasing their music, so it's time to remedy that in the coming weeks. My bol Naeem Juwan and XXXchange really are killin' shit, these remixes should be all the proof you need.

I actually heard about Naeem going into the studio with Coldcut months ago when I was working on a story for a newspaper on him that they didn't get published. It was such a huge name, hard to believe how fast things were moving for him. Anyway, he appears on "True Skool" with Roots Manuva, the UK hip hopper, which should inform you that this is going to be less of a booty bass song. It's got a heavy bass drum, a dancehall feel, lots of cool sci-fi sounds, best of all, great verses by all involved.

The other two might be better songs, imo. The first remix calms CSS down, turning "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above" a funky, relaxed song. It's completely unexpected sound to be honest, and proof that XXXchange is far more talented and versatile than the Baltimore references indicate. The Texi Latex song is gold, a fun tune that I want to play out at a club immediately. It's got a great bouncy beat, female backup vocals, a sick verse from Naeem where he mentions Hollertronix. Always great to hear Amanda Blank, who keeps putting out hot guest spots, building up the buzz. Awesome, get this one now.

-As I slowly dip my toe back into the political waters, after the shocking and wonderful Ned Lamont victory last night, this article by Dahlia Lithwick on Justice Anthony Kennedy seems like a good jumping off point. Lithwick has always does an amazing job and this is a nice look at an important speech Kennedy gave about the value of ideas and respect for the law in a democracy. Those seem like radical ideas in these times. Plus, I like Kennedy because he sounds like a neurotic overthinker, a description that fits only the finest people.

-If you know me and are in Philly, hell if you don't me and see a guy in hipster glasses and blueish-grey cargo pants (what can I say? I'm a fashion disaster), come out to the 700 Club to say hi. It's gonna be nice to get out and relax a little after a shitty week, good to be at my favorite spot in the city, even better to be with the friends who matter.


Nordy said...

"Always great to hear Amanda Blank, who keeps putting out hot guest spots"

Really? Girl almost ruins "Bump" with her "I keep it diry like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas" line. And her rhymes on "Disco Dance" are awful as well. I'd give you quotes, but I deleted the song after half of a listen.

Otherwise, YOYOYOYOYO is indeed a great album. But I cringe every time I see "Disco Dance" on YET ANOTHER blog.

Anonymous said...

Mate... its true skool not old skool.

Blackmail said...


Anonymous said...

I knew her at school