Monday, August 21, 2006

Tiga - Good As Gold

Tiga, "Good As Gold"

Tiga, "Good As Gold (Morgan Geist Monophonic mix)"

Tiga, "Good As Gold (Zdar dub mix)"

More goodness from Tiga's Sexor, "Good As Gold." This single got the vinyl treatment, with the original and two remixes dropping as a 12." The original was one of my favorites from the album, a real example of how talented Tiga is as a producer. It's not as perfect and danceable as "(Far From) Home," but that's what makes it so interesting. It's got a great beat, makes you feel like you are at the disco. But, the whispered vocals and effects and the echo treatment make this much more brooding and paranoid than your typical dance track. Tiga made this track with the help of the Soulwax brothers, a partnership made in some cool heaven.

The Morgan Geist remix is sick, sick, sick! Grab this one, people, great congos and acid house sounds in the beginning, Geist doesn't really fuck with the original too much. It's a bit too slow and reserved to be a dancefloor hit, but it's another good one from Geist. I need to get more of this dude ASAP. The Zdar dub mix seems superfluous, to be honest. It really just takes the vocals out, takes the temperature down a bit, doesn't seem to add much or a fresh take.

-As I promised, more blog recommendations. Next up, Graffe Giraph, a great dance music site that has the good taste to link to Pound for Pound. Seriously though, Greedy Gums, DJ Commie and Weakend Worrier have a great site covering a lot of the same ground we've been on these past few weeks. The Presets, Para One, Mr. Oizo, the list goes on and on. Head over there and read your new favorite blog.

-It turns out that coffee might trigger a first heart attack, according to scientists. Consider I write every post from a Philly cafe and drink enough coffee to kill an elephant, if any incomplete, gibberish post is published, it means I had a heart attack while finishing the post and my head hit the Publish button on blogger. Just a heads up.


lounge on the farm said...


Please put the morgan geist link back up --- I've heard nothing but good things....

You know u wanna!

DJKL said...

jesus h christ, yousendit is just a nightmare of pop ups and ads now, I can't even get close to your mp3s anymore!!! is it just me? maybe consider using streamload instead? I don't know if it is any good but a good friend recommended it to me today.

cheers KL

Jack said...

lounge on the farm - How did you know? I do want to put the Morgan Geist song back up. How did you know?

djkl - Sorry for the ysi problems, it will all be a memory soon, I promise. Let me know if you missed anything, will reupload. Holler.