Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bay Area Heat - I Got Grapes

Nump feat. E-40, Turf Talk and San Quinn, "I Got Grapes"

DJ Shadow feat. Nump, "Keep 'Em Close"

Yaaaaayyyyyyy Arrrrreaaaaaaaa!" I'm still trying to do this as a weekly, as I know how hard this shit is to come by and it really has grown on me the past few months. It's funny, when the South started to rise up a few years back, it was the same experience. At first, I hated it, thought it sounded weird and strange, undanceable and uninteresting. Then, one song would hit me perfectly and it would all make sense. From there, my concept of 'hip-hop' changes, as does the way I hear things.

Here's another heater from last year, Nump's "I Got Grapes," a smoker's anthem for all the 4:20 friendly. Like most stuff coming out the Bay, this one has numerous versions and remixes featuring pretty much everyone and anyone in the scene. This one comes off DJ Backside's Got Bay? Vol. 3 mixtape and features three of the biggest names in the game - E-40, Turf Talk and San Quinn. It's got that drums and percussion sound that defines the genre, plus the interesting cadences and party theme. Look for a re-release of The Nump Yard on September 19, more news on his myspace page.

Here's another track from the new DJ Shadow album, Outsider, featuring our boy Nump. I guess you can argue that this is proof that this sound isn't a fad, or you can just say that there are certain producers who are willing to exploit the next sound. It doesn't really matter, as long as people get to hear the people who started and sustain this movement. I can't say that this track, "Keep 'Em Close," is going to interest a lot of people. It's too slow and uninteresting to me, stupid gun shot sound effects that add nothing to the song. Maybe my expectations were too high, curious about what others are hearing from this album.

-The Clipse at Alife tonight for their Courtyard End of Summer Jam. RSVP ASAP LES LOL ROTLMAO BRB. Epic party, for real, the perfect way to start the night before you head to our next listing.

-New York, this is a crazy big week for you. The King of New York Project Matt is going to take care of you tonight and Thursday, do not sleep. Tonight head to the weekly party at Home Sweet Home down in Chinatown and get drizzed. Thursday night, you already know. Have you bought your ticket yet to Ed Banger Showcase at Element? Shit's selling, you will regret not being a part of the event of the summer. See the stickied post above for all info. Do the damn thing. If you are in Philly, holler at your bol if you want to get a car pool going or roll deep on the Chinatown bus.

-No mention of the hosted mp3s? No one commented on the fact that we have killed Yousendit here!?!?! Thanks to my bol K at Analog Giant for the advice, as we are both at the same point with much bigger things coming down the road. Songs are up for 7 days now and that's it.

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K. said...

J. thx for the shout out. You have the Nump remix with MIA on it? I have it PM me and I can get it to you. Great addition to your grapes collection.