Monday, August 28, 2006

Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour #5

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #5 (coffee) (unlimited downloads)

Ahhh, baseball may have been the passion of my youth, but coffee is the passion of my lost mid-20s. For real, there is nothing better than sitting in a cafe drinking a nice cup of coffee, or a cappucino, reading a book or talking with friends. Almost every word that gets published here or in a newspaper or magazine is conceived of and written in a cafe in Philly or New York City.

There is no comparison, though, as Philly has amazing and lively cafe culture, while New York's has been an utter disappointment. From Last Drop to Hausbrandt to La Va to Mugshots to La Colombe to Gleaners, Philly is amazing. Each place has its own style and scene, but they all value great coffee, relaxed places to be yourself and spots to people watch. I have never found anything comparable in Manhattan, have some hopes for Brooklyn but can't say that it's anything more than a wish.

What do you all think? Philly, what are some other great cafes? NYC, what am I missing? Europe, do you laugh at us Americans for being so amateur at cafe life? Oh, and let me thank iced coffee for allowing me to finish this post after midnight!

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