Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ed Banger Records In New York City

New York City, the event of the summer is nearly upon us. Ed Banger Records - Uffie, Sebastian, Busy P, Para One, the whole crew - are descending on Gotham next Thursday August 31st. On the real, this is a huge event, the perfect way to end the summer with a bang.

This has all come together late, so I'm gonna do my part to make sure that this event sells out and our friends from Paris play to a packed house.

date: Thursday, August 31 10 pm
place: Element 225 E. Houston (at Essex)
cost: $10 (presale at $15 (door)

Let's do this New York City (and Philly kids, let's take the Chinatown together!!!!). Look at the names associated with this one: Ed Banger Records, Project Matt and the Funtime Party Team, Vice magazine, Lauren Flax and White Lightning!, Insititubes and others. Most importantly, I will be there, Pound for fucking Pound, What more do you need? Get those tickets now friends.

In honor of this one, I will be dropping some more Ed Banger heat. If you have a blog, please get in touch and help spread the word for this one. More to come on this night.


Papeuss said...

First "bravo" for your blog - nice, interresting, good music. I just wanted to ask if it woulb be Para One or Justice playing at this Party?

Anonymous said...

No «Justice» on this flyer :(

Jack said...

Unfortunately, in my haste, I accidentally added Justice's name to the night. He is not performing, but Para One definitely is.

papeuss - Thanks for the compliments, it gets you everywhere. Nice site, I need to get more French, but I'll give you a shout soon here. Check in more often!

Anonymous said...

yo jack
thanks for the posting!
hope the event sells the fuck out!!! i wanna see nyc go CRAZE!!
can you link my name to my myspace?
thanks whoadie...
oh, i have some BAY HEAT for you too...

be in touch.

project matt

Jack said...

I've added Matt's link, holler at him for questions on the show.

This one is most certainly gonna sell out, dun, guaranteed.

"Yay Area!" I'll get at you soon, cheah!

Papeuss said...

I guess Para One is as good... No doubt I'll check your blog regularly - I just discovered Wildcat, amazing.If you're looking for some new french electro, listen to datA and his "trop laser EP" at One track is missing - my favourite - master blaster that you can listen at or on my blog at
I guess you'd like it

Dance Hall Hips said...

yeah, guess what? I'm back and bloggin'.
-Dance Hall Hips