Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Snap Yo Fingaz

Lil Jon feat. E-40 and Sean Paul, "Snap Yo Fingaz"

Bo Hagon, Crime Mob and D4L, "Wuz Up"

Dem Franchize Boyz, "I Was Gettin' Some Head"

I didn't think that things could get shittier right now, but they did last night. So, I had to bring out the big guns, snap rap and Busty Merilyn. These things make me happy and that's a priority right now, before things fall apart, as the center cannot hold. One good thing for you is that when I do fall apart, lots of hot mp3s and mixes will more than likely rush out first. Then, a black heart, liquid self-loathing and a Roland 808. What a life I've led! Seriously though, things need to turn around ASAP, as I don't think we can find real breasts bigger without another Chernobyl or something. C'mon G-d, how about a email from Scarlett Johansson? Alright, alright, a bike or a mixer for my new turntables? I'll even take a free coffee or a smile from a cute girl. A cute guy? Deal.

Anyway, these songs are the hotness, you need them immediately and you should listen to them for the rest of August exclusively. They should make you want to fight someone, or go out to a club or start a revolution. If they don't, you need to see a therapist. Lil Jon's "Snap Ya Fingaz" is actually getting a lot of airtime on MTV Jams, not sure about the big radio stations. It's the least of these three, although it kinda has that genre-defining feel with the lyrics about snappin' your fingers and the snap template. Always nice to hear E-40, although his presence should prevent this from being the definitive snap track.

For me personally, the Bo Hagon jawn, "Wuz Up," is the best of the lot. It's got a typically, sick, slow, menacing snap and bass beat, great verses from the cream of the ATL crop like Crime Mob and D4L and Mr. Hagon. I cannot wait to put this on my first mix, or put some hipsters onto this shit in a bar, as this is perfect for all my minimalist rap-heads. When I'm feeling more pseudo-intellectual, I may try to connect the dots between electro and Miami bass to this shit and crunk. The Dem Franchize Boyz' "I Was Gettin' Some Head" is gold, as well. If you've heard Diplo spin in the last few months, then you will recognize this one. It's dirty, filthy, in short, perfect. More to come on this scene, I'm still grindin' to get my hands on more.

-Any mention of this genre coming out of Atlanta has to mention the best mix I have heard this year, Trilladelphia Presents Snap or Die, Low Budget and DJ Deluxxx's snap mix. I've had this for a few months and I listen to it literally erry few days, it's that good. Y'all already know that Low B is my DJ, always will be. Deluxxx is a part of the Philly's great G13 crew of reggae/ton crew. They do what very few mixtapes do, especially outside of the heavyweights like Drama and Smallz: archive a nascent scene, give you hits and should-be hits and create a great, seamless musical document. Paypal $10 in the US, $13 international to, more info at Low B's myspace page.

-Staying online late checking the results from the Democratic Senate primary in CT, it looks like Ned Lamont defeated Joe Lieberman for the nomination. Much more to say on this, but for now, I'll just say that this is a truly momentous, wonderful night.

-If you live in Brooklyn, can you please let me know if you know of or have a opening in your apartment? Looking for Williamsburg, Bushwick, would love roof access, but at this point, I'll just take a roof. I cannot do Craig's List again; if I see one more person requesting me to be 420 friendly, I will weep. Holler.


Anonymous said...

you arent 420 friendly?

i know of an apt for sept 1st in park slope for $850...
holler at me.

project matt

Anonymous said...

i think these songs are seriously quite bad. i'm disappointed at what hiphop has turned into over the past few years and i detest crunk. snap your fingers is lyrically pathetic, and the beat, though maybe at first found catchy by simple-minded folk, is horribly repetitive and probably wouldn't suffice as background music in a club let alone on the radio. this song in particular sounds like a nursery rhyme ('you can do it all by yourself'?!) except overly crunkified. these idiots think they are gangster. i'm ashamed in you all, peace.