Friday, August 25, 2006

Justin Timberlake remixes

Justin Timberlake, "Sexyback" (DJs, grab it at 320!)

Justin Timberlake, "Sexyback (Linus Loves remix)"

Justin Timberlake, "Sexyback (Poker Face remix)"

Justin Timberlake, "Sexyback (Tom Novy Ibiza dub)"

Mang, this first single from Justin Timberlake just keeps sounding better and better to me. I just know that the ladies love this, can totally see it killing at a club. Beyond that, it just continues to prove that this boy can do the damn thing, especially if he is gonna let Timbaland lace him with hot m music. Just figured that I get the remixes up, as the Sexyback, Pt. 2 CD was released and these have been floating around. None of them touch the original, in my humble opinion. The Ibiza dub mix was everything I feared, straight from Ibiza 2006, so no acid house 1988 madness. Towards the end, when the soft jazz piano comes in, I was embarrassed.

The other two make the original a little more dancefloor friendly and both work nicely. The Linus Loves remix is the harder, more 4/4 one, which actually downplays Justin's lines in favor of Timbo's, an interesting choice. The Poker Face remix brings that percussion heavy sound in, mixed with an organ for what I imagine tribal house sounds like. That's a guess, as I really have no idea what that genre sounds like. While I normally shy away from anything deemed soft, lest I be labelled 'soft,' I like this one, nice and chilled out.

-New York City, Philly's finest DJ Low Budget will show the LES how it's done at The Delancey tonight. Head there, as it's about the only good thing left in the LES, now that I don't roll through! This is a Skullfuckers jawn, so you know it'll be ill and their fliers are dope and this is where you need to be tonight. For those who just can't stomach Manhattan (and believe me, I feel ya), head to Savalas where Jones of Caps and Jones is spinning.

-For my beloved Philly people, FiftyOne:FiftyOne has the scoop as always. Some nice things going down on this usually dull end of August weekend, especially that Jokers of the Scene appearance at the Seclusiasis' night at the Khyber. I missed them last Sunday opening for Dave P at the Walnut Room dropping electro heat, sounds like tonight is going to be a more eclectic soundtrack. Atza nice!

-If I don't make it there, it's because I'm still celebrating my team's Quizzo victory last night! We went to the Abbaye, we saw, we conquered. I want to thank my teamates for carrying us to victory: TA, MR, EO, AP, KA and LL. I came up big on the radical historians questions, as you ain't gonna get a Howard Zinn question by this guy.


Ann said...

I must say, I have heard various remixes of Sexy Back and have so far been unimpressed by all of them. I'll stick to the original for now, thanks!

Rudy said...

hey man! haven't commented on ur blog for ages! nice work hehe :D i totally agree with ann.....i guess the linus one is alright but not feeling any of them! *shock* haha but my love with t.i. kicks ass ----> loving that one, but would like to hear remixes of that more since that would be really interesting!! :D (btw wanted to ask u off topic but do u like peter bjorn and john???? since have released some remixes of young folks track a while bak and "amsterdam" really is great hehe) laterz man

Anonymous said...

The links doesn't work... Could you upload them again pls?

Merlin said...

Thanks for providing us with all these cool ass dance remixes. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you guys are missing out on THE BEST remix of that song. and that is: Justin Timberlake - SexyBack (Randy Boyer's Dirty Sex Radio Mix)
it's hot!!!


randy boyer said...

Hey guys & girls, i know there have been a crap load of crappy mixes of Sexy Back, but here is the hot one the anonymous was talking about, its my remix