Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Clipse - Mr. Me Too

Clipse, "Mr. Me Too"

Just a quick one, been meaning to get this track up for weeks now. Why not just give it its own post, ya know? This should also be all the reason you need to cop that DJ Benzi mix, We Got The Remix, right now.

Anyway, this one goes immediately into the Single of the Year contest and into the rarefied air that "Grindin'" and "Pussy" and "When The Last Time" hold. It's a slow, menacing song by the Neptunes a la "Grindin'," the perfect base for the Clipse street stories. This one features two verses by Pharrell and he does fine, clearly in his element talking shit and name-dropping. However, one Pusha and Malice come in, game set match. Their lyrics are so next level it's shocking at times. The only comparison in my opinion is the early Mobb Deep shit, which was more violent, less money obsessed. So vivid, so dark, so literary, it's a travesty that we're still waiting for their second album.

Clipse wisdom in full effect, have to point out this quote for all the ladies: "Woman if you love me, please let me know/Tie rags round your neck and learn the sets we throw." It's all right there, take notes women. It's what I'm looking for, I know that.

-Late announcement: Spank Rock is playing in Brookyln (probably right now), part of an E. Williamsburg jawn, not spinning at Metro Lounge. Sorry for the confusion, don't shoot the messenger.

-I was going to put up a picture of Scarlett Johansson where she's almost nude in some early movie, but then I realized that I'm single and this is my future wife. Do I really want to show her like that and have some perverts ogling her? Now that's some forward thinking, huh?

-I've reupped the Cassius "Toop Toop" heat and The Knife "We Share Our Mother's Health." I hope that everyone can get these, as they've been the most popular shit the past few weeks. As always, feel free to holler and request a reup; email or myspace might be the best option, as I tend to lose track of comments and who wants what that way. But, I love comments, so do what feels right. We'll make it work!

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Greg said...

"Pyrex stirs turned into Cavalli furs/ The full length cat, when I wave the kitty purrs"

Literary indeed.