Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Morgan Geist - Unclassics #5

Victor, "Go On Do It (1984 original mix)"

Victor, "Go On Do It (Morgan Geist Breakfast Club dub)"

I've been threatening to throw up some Morgan Geist for a minute now, finally coming through. I figured that I would hype up his Unclassics series first, an amazing series of 12" releases that compile some of the forgotten gems from the whole early 80s electro/Italodisco/disco period. Geist then does a remix on the flip, which should explain why this is such an essential series.

Side A is just pure crack, as Geist has uncovered a proto-rap, Italian disco jawn where a dude raps in a monotone about picking up a hooker and f*#king her every which way but loose, including that most dirty of spots. It's pure genius, with the beats provided by the one and only Alexander Robotnick, a.k.a. Maurizio Dami, great drum machine breakdowns, even great female background vocals. Wow, I mean, I try not be all 80s nostalgic, but it definitely feels like music made a wrong turn when shit like this became obscure. Geist takes over the B side, dropping a sick, sick dub version of the original. It sounds like he has taken one section from the original and worked with that for the entire 7 + minutes. You'll notice a much more mid-range bass happening, which sort of mellows this version. Despite the fact that he has taken the vocals out and calmed things down, it sounds like even more is happening, as Geist has added much more micro sounds into the mix. Amazing stuff, two sides of electro-disco heat. Cop your 12" right now, you won't regret it.

-I mentioned the CT Senate race a few weeks back when Ned Lamont shocked DC pundits by beating incumbent Joe Lieberman. I mentioned how important this was, but never went deeper. Take a look at this interview Lieberman gave with the odious Glenn Beck on Beck's radio show and it should all be clear. Look at some of Beck's greatest hits (my favorite is his discussion of how long it took him to hate the 9/11 widows), the man Lieberman calls "friend" at the end of the interview. This man is not a Democrat, his loss will be a step forward and a warning to all other conservative enablers.

-I've decided to fully accept my inner hipster and buy a bike for city travel. I am wondering if any readers have suggestions on questions I need to ask when buying a used one. For Philly people, any recommendations on a store? I'm leaning towards Via on 9th Street, as they seem to have a good selection and decent prices. Get at me with any tips or recommendations, then make sure to pray for my safety.

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Anonymous said...

great track - kinda cheeky/a little discturbing/very 80s :D

don't suppose you want to post the A2 do ya?