Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tiga - Far From Home

Tiga, "Far From Home (DFA remix)"

Tiga, "Far From Home (Digitalism remix)"

Tiga, "Far From Home (Chicken Lips Dub Deluxe)"

Here's another track that I have waited to put up without any reason. Unlike with "Shoulder Lean," this one immediately hit me when I got Sexor a few months back. It's in contention for single of the year at Pound for Pound (actually it's from 2005, I think, but it's that good!), a perfect electro-pop song, the shit that just makes me happy. Tiga raps the lyrics without messing up a hair, perfectly cool and untouchable. Behind that, though, there is a nasty bassline and a . You're gonna have to buy the CD to hear that one, as it's worth every penny. Do not sleep on this album, people, for really real.

The remixes are all over the place, which makes this one of those amazing singles that keeps on giving. It's amazing how different these three mixes sound, especially when you consider how definitive the original sounds. The DFA remix is my favorite, but I always jock those guys. This one takes the original and cools it off in proper DFA style, stretching the source to its max. Around the four minute mark, this shit gets real good, like one of the best DFA remixes I've heard. Things break down into just drums, then they add keyboard sounds and then percussion and bass, all in this repetitive, massive build-up, synth destruction in the last few minutes. Holy shit, I love this, you need it.

The Digitalism remix also is a tale of two songs. It starts off pretty minimal and innocent, crisp rock drums, but begins to pick up with a nice bass line around a minute and a half. Around three minutes, the duo destroys everything with a feedback-y bass, and from there on out, it's a real monster. Recommended. The Chicken Lips Dub Deluxe remix comes from a whole different world, a dubby, echo-y slow burner. You get a lot of live bass playing, giving it an almost funk feel at time. I like it a lot, wish I had more knowledge or appreciation for the dub music of the 70s. I feel like that it is an unacceptable blind spot for a blogger, I'm so ashamed.

So, buy Tiga's album immediately, okay? You can also cop both the DFA remix and Digitalism remix on vinyl at Turntable Lab. More on Tiga soon, hell more on all of these cats soon. Yeah!

-I've been sleeping on a lot of great blogs lately, been so focused on my own shit. I will remedy that starting now, as you need to check out Analog Giant immediately. K has one of the best blogs going today, a great mix of different genres and a clear love for music. You will notice some crossover between us, like Junior Boys, but who cares? Dude is up on shit and will be on our permanent link list as soon as I get my shit together. My favorite is this post when he goes off on the Pitchfork/indie scene, listen to this man kids, real talk. You also get Dabrye, A-Trak, good mashups, new Killer Mike and DJ Green Lantern's Beastie Boys mixtape. One of the good ones, make it a regular stop.


DigitalFilth said...

cant get enough of that digitalism remix lately

K. said...

jack thanks alot for the shout out really appreciated. would love to chat with you sometime as well about urban studies. NYC has some good ones. there are also some great resources out there. i got my masters in political science and planning but have focused heavily on urban studies issues. anyways send me a mail at some point.

peace man and thanks again for the kind words. best man. -k

Anonymous said...

Was wpndering if these little gems could be re-upped, just missed out. Cheers.