Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Padded Cell - Are You Anywhere

Padded Cell, "Are You Anywhere"

Padded Cell, "Konkorde Lafayette"

Here's something a little darker for you kids, to coincide with that sinking feeling one gets when you realize August is almost over and that you left a drunk text message on your exes' cell phone proving what a jagoff you are. I mean, not that that happened or anything, I mean who would be such a dumb shit. Damn you Yards beer and T-Mobile's good reception! Hypothetically, of course.

Anyway, I first heard about Padded Cell from Turntable Lab's review of their two singles, much respect to that record store. Their recommendation was spot-on, as this is a great dark electro tune. Both songs on the vinyl harken back to the early 80s, that disco-not-disco period we look at a few months back (I haven't forgot about Volume 2). It's got a dancefloor sensibility, but it's just a little off, a little too dark and warped. The opening few minutes of "Are You Anything" are quite ominous, with a heavy, driving bass, some effects (synth, maybe?), some eerie vocal sounds. The real killer is the saxophone, which is way too underused in music today. I think the instrument is so associated with jazz that musicians shy away from it. But, it sounds great here (and on Cat Power's latest!), sealing that early 80s flashback. Love, love, love that buildup in the middle, which drops out in a sax solo. Yum.

"Konkorde Lafayette" is just as good on the B side. It's a little more open, using a played bass and congos. The whole thing is a little less claustrophobic, although I think that I like the lead single best. Again, you will notice that feeling of disco/electro that's just a bit off. Experimental disco, let's say. It sounds great, put it on your watch list at TTL.

-For the Philly party people, head to the special Driz Horse tonight at the Khyber. Julie G. and AJW have two very special guest DJs tonight, K Records' head honcho Calvin Johnson and Nation of Ulysses' Ian Svenonius - indie legends in the house! This has been one of the most consistent weeklies in the city and now is a good chance to jump on board if you haven't already. It's free, $1 PBRs and $2 well drinks all night, indie boys and girls having fun, just do it.

-For Svenonius fans, you can catch him earlier in the night giving a talk at Big Jar Books near 2nd and Market Sts. He'll be reading from his new book, The Psychic Soviet, and maybe discussing his music and life.

-To end on a funny note, peep this hilarious Stephen Colbert skit on running for Congress. "Us Asshole!"


Merlin said...

Love your site. I included it on one of my favorites on my site. Check it out since we love the same stuff.

K. said...

This Padded Cell shit is the real deal. Thanks for the heads up TTL is the BEST.

Damn it "Are You Anywhere" is kicking so hard right now. Thanks for the heads up J.

Alexis said...

The download limit has been reached...any possibility of a re-up? Please? I really want to hear this stuff, it sounds awesome.