Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Junior Boys - In The Morning

Junior Boys, "In The Morning"

Junior Boys, "In The Morning (Alex Smoke remix)"

Since a recent comment suggested that every blog has put up the CSS Spank Rock remix, it only made sense to drop another track that is getting major blog play. The new Junior Boys album is about to drop on Domino, here is the first side of the 12" vinyl release. I'll drop Side B, the second track and a remix, shortly.

I almost don't wanna highlight Junior Boys, as MC turned me on their music in the first place and was absent from this birthday, leaving a huge hole in the festivites. She was up on this shit right away and took me to see them play the Upstairs at the Trocadero. She always did have a good taste in music, just bad taste in guys. Anyway, their live show didn't really do it for me, but I kept coming back to the albums and eventually it clicked.

This first single, "In The Morning," doesn't really break any new ground, continuing in the fine tradition of their last album, Last Exit. There's still that brittle electro-pop sound with the soft, falsetto vocals, a great combo of The Knife and New Order to my ears. They do seem to have a little more bottom now, as the bass sounds pronounced on the original, and this song has an even more melodic, pop sensibility. Obviously, I ain't hating that development. The whole thing sounds great, a collaboration, btw, between Junior Boys and Andi Toma of Mouse On Mars.

I am embarassingly behind on Alex Smoke, who has been coming up in the dance scene for the past year or two. His remix here is more on the glitch-y side, taking the original down a few notches, turning it into a chill, late-night song. Not really for the dancefloor, more something that should be the soundtrack to walking out in the bright morning light after a night in a loud, dark club.

-I had another nice night of celebrating my birth Friday, thanks to K, LL, MR, NR, KC et al for providing me with more fun and a memorable birthday weekend. I couldn't asked for a better time to help me forget the worries of the past month or two. It's nice to have a good friends who are there for you.

-I mentioned earlier in the week that my move to Brooklyn had been fucked up, finally had this confirmed today. I don't need much in life, don't need lots of money or toys, or honors, but I do need respect. These two people have shown me none, it won't be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Have you been hacked?

K. said...

Looking forward to this disc as well. Loved their last release and loving the leaks so far. Thanks for sharing Jack.