Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shoulder Lean


Merilyn does the shoulder lean

Young Dro, "Shoulder Lean"

P$C feat. Young Dro, "Do Ya Thang"

T.I. feat. P$C and Young Dro, "Bankhead"

Mang, I slept on this one for a minute, my mistake. I finally gave it a real listen and it's moved up on the Top 10 singles of the year list with a bullet. Young Dro is a T.I. protege, dropping a full-length on Grand Hustle, his buddy's label, in a few weeks. Best Thang Smokin' isn't the first music he's made, as he actually had some minor hits down South a few years ago. But, "Shoulder Lean" is the one that's got him on BET and MTV Jams and #1 on the charts. This is fiyah, it's got an almost screwed feel to it; on my first listen, it took me a verse to realize that it wasn't. Dro's got everything I want: a drawl, street lyrics, great refrain. He actually has that rare in-between Atlanta and Houston thing going on, at least to my ears. He's got that slower, screwed sound, a little fuller than the snap sound, but also the lyrics that are made for a dance, the handclaps, the drum machine base.

The other tracks are just some Dro odds and ends. The first comes from T.I.'s other proteges, P$C; this was the first time I heard Young Dro, although at the time I didn't know he was "Shoulder Lean" Young Dro. This song was on the Hustle and Flow soundtrack, can't say it's that memorable. The other one comes from T.I.'s most recent album, King, an album I inexplicably ignored when it dropped. This track isn't bad, although Dro doesn't stick out at all. Make sure to cop the Young Dro album when it drops, as I'm hoping that this is the album where one of his TIP's crew gets to their boss' level.

-New York City, party like it's 1992! No, this is not some Prince B-side, but rather the latest Project Matt-endorsed party. That's right, motherfuckers, he's taking back the Meatpacking District from the models and brokers and bringing the freaks in. Go celebrate that epic year when was I was still innocent, Nevermind and The Chronic dropped and Clinton became President at Lotus.

Get on that list, hear King Solomon and DJ Soul tear it up with the shit you grew up on.

-I will have most of the upload requests filled by tonight. If you asked for something recently, take a look before they're gone again.

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