Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sticky: A Question For My Readers

My EZarchive account is back up, but I've realized that the site converts the mp3s I put up to 128 bitrate. In other words, the best I can do with those uploads is low-quality. So, my question to you, dear readers, is if this is fine with you or if you would prefer that I use sendspace or yousendit to get the music out in its better quality version. The downside to this option is that the links go down superfast and will have to be reupped frequently.

I don't have strong feelings either way, so I really would love to hear everyone's opinions. Leave a comment and we'll see which side wins.


Lynton said...

Hi Jack,
discobelle use yousendit with zshare as a secondary link. Dunno what the deal is with hosting files on zshare, but these links always seem to last the distance. So my pref - zshare.

ps. great blog, cheers!

Shane said...

hey ya man,
so what your saying is everything from
now on will be at that bit rate?
I mean I like when you give us stuff
at 320 and such. I'm all for what discobelle does though.
if I really liked a song and you had it in higher quality you'd email it to me if i asked right? :D

DMS said...

why don't you use ez-archive as a default, and if some particular song is REALLY good and REALLY worth having at 320, double up with a link to yousendit in addition to the more durable ezarchive link? i'm sure you'll have good judgment about when to do this. love the site.

empsburna said...

zshare seems to be a good choice :)

AdamH said...

dont use 128k it makes my poor sensitive ears bleed.

have no issues with sendspace / yousendit, normally check the blog within a couple of hours of posts when the aggregator pops up anyway.

Cheers for the work

Chief said...

yousendit is garbage because the link expires after 250 d/ls or 1 week (which ever comes first).
Use rapidshare or megaupload or zshare.

Jules said...

I think 128 is fine - if I like what I hear, I will buy it anyway.

david. said...

tradebit my man, tradebit.

Anonymous said...

Use zshare. Thanks!

Flat Chested said...

I like EZ share because I don't have to leave your site to download.

I didn't even know you posted multiple bitrates so I'll go with convenience.

They all sound good to me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Noooo! 128kps bad, at least 192 good! 320 best!

There are other options, one mp3 blog I visit has a good one not mentioned here, I'll repost the name when I come across it again

Great blog, I check it daily.

michael said...

I use Send Space and it seems to last ages if being used. Hardly any bad feedback from it so far. Rapidshare on the other hand is utter bilge and never works for me. I'd avoid like the plague!

Australiandave said...

i'd say if you're gonna switch, switch to Sendspace or ZShare, ysi is balls basically.

jasonnn said...

I would say go with a ysi and a zshare, like others have mentioned. I know I'd rather work a little bit harder to get a substantially better quality track.

You could also try filelodge for hosting. I'm not entirely sure if you'd run into the same problem, but that's what I use to host mixes and I can't noticably tell they have been lowered in quality. The only problem is you have a cap on how much you can have uploaded at one time, so you'd have to delete reasonably old tracks as you put new ones.

Thanks for the tracks at all, though!

Anonymous said...

ditto what the Chief said:

"yousendit is garbage because the link expires after 250 d/ls or 1 week (which ever comes first)."

Sometimes I can get on the Net and then when I do, the links have expired. Even though, often I log in not long after you post.

That's my two cents

Keep up the good work and thanks for asking!!

Papeuss said...

I started to use Multiply: it's free, you can upload as many tracks as you want, they remain as long as you want. The same for videos and photos. Only one problem: you can't directly link to the download, the adress changes everyday, so you gotta link to the page where all your tracks are stored. Maybe you should give it a look.