Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Who's new songs

The Who, "It's Not Enough"

The Who, "Tea and Theater"

The Who, "Happy Jack"

I've been a little down today, having feelings that I am getting played by people in my life. In the spirit of my newfound zen shit, I'm feeling a sense of defiance, realizing it's time to put those people out of my life and move ahead. Won't get fooled again, yamean?

Oh, segue, sweet segue. The Who are releasing a new album, Endless Wire, a logical move after their return to touring in the last few years. I mean, fuck it's The motherfuckin' Who, that's good enough for one post here. I can't claim to be a huge classic rock fan, like lots of it but don't think it's this ultimate, untouchable music the way the genre's annoying fans do. The Who have always risen above the pack for me, a combo of their great songwriting, Pete Townshend's guitar and Keith Moon's insane drumming.

-Jesus H. Christ, Philly, meet your new essential party. White Belts and White Ts destroyed last night, absolutely one of the best times I've had in awhile. This has so much potential, it's scary. It went down at an old warehouse on Front Street, on the border between NoLibs and Fishtown. The space inside is a lot nicer than you expect, raw but furnished with a pool table, some couches, a few tables and chairs, a deck out back and a bar. Bo Bliz and emynd killed it, the Dipset section around 2:30 or so was the highlight, or maybe "Never Scared" and "Knuck If You Buck," hard to say. The crowd was good sized, looked smaller because the space is huge. There's still room to grow, so if you missed this edition, you have no excuses next time. Philly, do this. Thanks to MR and JK for making this one of the best nights, walked around with a smile at 3:30 am in Wawa because of them. Oh, and the girl I danced with who had the faux-hawk and ridiculously cool glasses (and the boyfriend who was even fatter than me, well done, dude, score one for the husky set!)

-I need to get to Paris ASAP: Kitsune Maison jump-off at ParisParis

-If I was in NYC tonight, I'd be at Robot Rock at Movida and Trees Not Trash benefit at Asterisk in Bushwick

-I will be up in that fair city tomorrow, so if any of my dear readers would like to buy me a soda at my Delancey Street McDonald's or comfort after the horror of another Chinatown bus ride, holler at your bol.

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